Stranded passengers from Kashmir stage protest in Jammu, Clashed with BJP Yuva Morcha activists

Published by Kashmir News Trust on February 11, 2019, 2:06 pm

Muhammad Yaseen



Jammu: Police swung into action after some stranded passengers from Kashmir and activists from BJP Yuva Morcha clashed with each other outside Jammu Science College near Jewel Chowk Jammu.

  Reports said that a large number of stranded passengers from Kashmir had arrived near the shrine and a hostel adjacent to Jammu Science College to register themselves for air lifting to Kashmir. Reports added that some stranded passengers were irked over the alleged mismanagement and they came outside and started raising slogans against Governor Administration.

  Eyewitnesses told news agency CNS that some of the protesting passengers hurled stones amid anti-government slogans. Witnesses added that activists from BJP Yuva Morcha accused Kashmiri passengers of raising pro-Pakistan slogans and they hurled stones on them. “There were clashes between some Kashmiri stranded passengers and the activists of BJP Yuva Morcha. The hurled stones on one another, however, police swung into action and dispersed them,” said an eyewitness.

  A passenger from Kashmir alleged that Morcha activists assaulted some stranded passengers.

  A police official downplayed the incident saying that police dispersed the protesters and brought the situation under control.