UP police arrests Delhi Journalist for posting a video of woman claiming she video chats with Yogi Adityanath and wants to marry him

Published by Kashmir News Trust on June 9, 2019, 8:52 am

Kashmir News Trust Web Desk

UP: Freelance journalist Prashant Kanojia, who was picked up by the Uttar Pradesh Police from his Delhi residence on Saturday, 8 June, for a social media post against UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has been arrested.

The FIR had said Kanojia was being charged under Section 500 (for defamation) of the IPC and Section 66 of the IT Act. However, a press note by the Uttar Pradesh Police after his arrest mentioned that Section 505 of the IPC (for spreading rumours) was added and Section 66 of the IT Act was being replaced by Section 67 (obscenity).


Although the police refused to confirm which social media post Kanojia has been arrested for, the journalist had, on 6 June, shared a video on his Facebook profile where a woman is seen speaking to several reporters outside the CM’s office, alleging that she had been talking to Adityanath for nearly a year through video calls.

The woman, in the video, repeatedly expresses her desire to marry the UP CM. She claims to have sent a document with her marriage proposal to CM Adityanath and said she is awaiting his response on it.Gg

Kanojia had shared the video on Facebook with a purported sarcastic remark of his own which said, “Yogi ji video chatting kar sakate ho, to ishq ka izahaar kyon nahin? Yogi ji aap daro nahin, mat socho samaaj kya kahega bas bhaag jao ham sab aapakee shaadee karava denge. (Yogi ji, if you can chat via video call, then why can’t you express your love? Yogi ji, don’t be afraid, don’t think what the society will say, just elope. We are all with you, we will get you married.)”

He had tweeted the same video on 6 June with the caption “Ishq chupta nahin chupaane se yogi ji (You can’t hide love even if you want to, Yogi ji).”Yyyyy