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Need to Re-strategize Resistance Politics

Published by Kashmir News Trust on January 20, 2018, 1:01 pm

Syed Tajamul Imran


Syed Tajamul Imran

We are pondering as a nation what made a fertile brain like Mannan wani from fertile land of Lolab pick arms.This comes at a time when young children are picking guns and even getting killed in encounters showing the gravity of the unresolved political conflict of Kashmir.The overall realms of the situation are taking turn from bad to worse with Kashmir plunging into an era of great sorrows and pain.

Mannan Wani's decision to join the armed struggle also shows that continued harassment of youth is proving nothing but counterproductive and policy of catch and kill and so called inhuman operations given inhuman names like All out are pushing more youth towards the path of gun.

From street to online world the decision of PHD scholar Mannan Wani in Geology is generating great discussions with simmering worries taking all over their place.

But the need is to look towards some other realities as well why our pro resistance camp called currently the joint resistance leadership and also known in the common parlance as Hurriyat Conference given virtually no hope to the youth of Kashmir to see political resistance also an option and not just gun where our youth hardly get a long span to serve .

Those who claim to be representatives of sacrifices have to be more democratic in approach and let young leadership foster and flourish but the common opinion is that in this context resistance leadership has not done much.

A young intellect recently aptly summed up this painful reality on Facebook – “Can I be a renegade today? Isn't it natural for anyone overwhelmed with anti-occupational feelings to first join less-risky political struggle(Hurriyat) before he feels the urge to face bullets? We do see new young faces in Pro-India parties but why not in Hurriyat? I'm not talking about Zindabad-brigade but a youth president or a spokesperson, so that we could save their lives & consolidate political front. Are the 3 leaders so insecure about their larger-than-life image that they can't promote these young, passionate & highly educated sons of soil? Have they ever come out in open and appealed young talent to become their face? This is why our youth tolerate the Indian humiliations first & then directly jump in front of the blazing guns, because political front doesn't even cross their mind. That's reserved for these leaders (who I admit have given unmatched sacrifices) or their slogan-chanters. Sincerity is not the only leadership quality. True leaders build other leaders. Now tell me one leader who they gave to us since 1990 on the basis of merit.”

We as a nation are very tiny in nature and the realities of the entire current global politics go against us so it is more sacred duty of pro freedom camp as custodian of sacrifices and struggle to save the young generation from bullets and ensure that they find resistance politics also an alternative to gun. We are witnessing huge oppressive tactics against us as the browbeaten nation but in an untrained way every second youth picking gun will lead to our annihilation and this would be making the dreams of our enemies come true.

So the need of the hour is to devise a proper mechanism and strategy that would seek to involve our youth in pro freedom politics and also politicize much vocally on the global level pain and sufferings of Kashmir. We like the occupied Palestine need to galvanize the majority global opinion on our side the best example of which was seen recently when the majority non Muslim countries voted against the Israel and USA On the issue of making holy city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Last year alone we lost more than 200 youth as rebels and many more in protests that followed the encounters at many places . If we continue to lose young blood at this pace we might face dire shortage of competent youth soon.

Let us take a pledge to involve less emotions, rhetoric into our resistance struggle and bring more pragmatic approach for which our top pro freedom leaders should involve more youth in resistance politics .

(Opinion expressed by author is his own. The author can be reached at Syedtajamul09@gmail.com )