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Colonial Diktat: SMC Commissioner’s office out of bounds for people till 2 pm

Published by Kashmir News Trust on July 17, 2018, 2:02 pm

Neyaz Elahi


Srinagar: Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation’s decision to keep the gates closed for common people till 2 pm has irked everyone while some have been relating it to the ‘colonial mindset’ of the incumbent Commissioner.

   Much against the policy of the Governor Administration, the Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation has installed a signboard asking visitors to stay away from his office till 2 pm. This is the first time that any Commissioner has followed such anti-people policy.

   Scores of visitors on daily basis can be seen waiting outside the office of the Commissioner, but they are denied permission inside the office. “Neither he is presiding any meeting nor meeting visitors. Officers should be within the reach of common men. This Commissioner should inform people through newspapers that he will not be available for general public till 2 pm. I was unaware about this new diktat and thus wasted my precious time,” said a visitor to KNT.Khyber

    Recently, during a meeting the Governor had directed the bureaucrats to be quick in making decisions and meet common people without wasting their time. “We had hoped that things will change during Governor Rule, but nothing changed on ground. Some bureaucrats are taking common people for a ride. On the pretext of ‘important meetings’ common people are not allowed to meet the officers,” said another visitor waiting outside Commissioner’s office.

   When contacted, Commissioner SMC, Reyaz Ahmed Wani said that everything changed after Governor assumed charge. “Due to biometric attendance, it was decided that general public would not be allowed to enter into office before 2 pm,” he said.