Police have recovered Chevrolet Cruze car, jewelry, electronic gadgets, and foreign currencies from the gang

Super thief’ who stole from netas nabbed you will not Believe how cops did it

Publish Date : August 22, 2017

Published by Kashmir News Trust
New Delhi, Aug 22, 2017 / 12:56 pm

The Delhi Police cracked a number of case where a super burglar robbed politicians, bureaucrats, and senior government officials in the national capital. Siddharth Mehrotra (27), Jitender Yadav (29) and Anurag Singh (24) were arrested on August 15, the police today said. Police have recovered Chevrolet Cruzecar, jewelry, electronic gadgets, and foreign currencies from the gang, as per India Today.

Police, rattled by the burglaries in Vasant Kunj, started investigating the matter and scanned through several CCTV footages. In the process, police got their first clue — a retired bank officer’s son, Siddharth Mehrotra, arrested in Noida in 2015 in connection with seven burglaries. It was found that he was out on bail. Then they did what most other people do while looking for information on something – turn to, what else but launch a google search! And while searching for information on Google, the police team found out some vital details about Mehrotra.

During the investigation, Mehrotra’s social media account was monitored and the police noticed a common thing in his photos and the CCTV footage: Soon some clues emerged – the way he rolled up his shirt sleeves, his face and body structure, all were closely scrutinised and surprisingly they matched the CCTV footage of the burglary site!

Ishwar Singh, DCP (south), said, “On scanning his Facebook profile and latest pictures, we found a picture of him sitting in a Ford EcoSport during a trip to Leh on July 30. The vehicle was registered under the name of one Vikas Kumar. After procuring details, we traced Mehrotra and arrested him on August 15,” as per IE. The DCP said Mehrotra and Singh would enter the residential blocks and park the car in a safe area then they would target homes of politicians, bureaucrats, and senior officers after reading the nameplate.

The accused enjoyed a lavish life, and is fancier to high-end gadgets. Mehrotra belongs to a financially stable family and bought a Chevrolet Cruze car from the money he earned after disposing off the stolen goods, as per India Today.

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